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Victorian TAFE professors in alternating universities are covered by the following dual sector agreements If an enterprise agreement is in effect, the price does not apply. Current status of the version and details Documents and support information Old Versions Print Feedback Holiday Types Procedure 1 – Objective / Goals Section 2 – Domain / Application Section 3 – DefinitionsEctions Section 4 – Policy Statement Section 5 – Procedure Section 6 – Guidelines Here is the current version of this document. You can comment on this document via the “Feedback” tab above. Section 1 – Objective/Objective NOTE: This procedure is under review. Academic or professional staff should refer to the Victoria University Enterprise Agreement 2019 and TAFE staff should refer to Victoria University`s 2019 Vocational Training Agreement for its vacation options. (1) See the Leave Directive. Above in PageSection 2 – Domain / Application (2) See Leave Policy. Top PageSection 3 – Definitions (3) Aboriginal Top of PageSection 4 – Policy Statement (4) Nile Top of PageSection 5 – Procedures (5) The table below shows the types of leave available to LA VU employees as part of the leave policy and the circumstances under which they are available. (6) If applicable, the rules for each form of leave are available through the links provided. 7. All of the following allowances apply to full-time workers with a full 12-month year.

For periods less than one year or in a reduced percentage, the applicable claim is prorated. (8) In the table below, the Victoria University Enterprise Agreement 2013 is called EA, while the Victoria University (TAFE Teaching Staff) Enterprise Agreement 2014-16 is called TAFE EA. Leave Type Entitlement Valid for the Authority`s annual leave 20 days a year All temporary and current employees EA 4 8 TAFE EA 33 Sick leave /personal leave 15 days a year All temporary employees and current EA 50 TAFE EA 34 Care Leave – Paid 3 days per year (Paid) All temporary and current employees, EA 50.3 care leave – unpaid 2 days a year (unpaid 2 days a year (unpaid) All temporary and on-the-job employees, MBA TAFE EA 34.7 Long Service Leave 1.3 weeks for each year of service after 7 years of continuous service All temporary and ongoing employees EA 52 TAFE EA 39 Study leave 5 hours per week (in proportion to part-time) for Authorized Diplomas Professional Staff EA 24 Student Holidays (TAFE Teachers) Can be paid or not TAFE Teachers TAFE EA 48 days as in public holidays agreements all temporary and current employees EA 47 TAFE EA 32 leave instead of 2-day Work Day All temporary and ongoing employees covered by EA 47.1.2 Additional Christmas Leave 1 day All temporary and ongoing employees, EA 47.1.3 Registered Public Holidays Are Declared Leave All Temporary and Current Employees EA 47.2 Parental Leave – Maternity – Paternity – Adoption Rights Vary by Employment Status All Employees EA 51 TAFE EA 40 – 43 Permanent Care Leave As for Leave Adoption Leave (Bereave) 3 days a year All employees EA 50.4 TAFE EA 35 Domestic or Family Violence Leave All employees EA 50.6 Abori 5 days (paid) Up to 10 days of unpaid Aboriginal staff EA 55 Cultural Leave (Others) Depending on needs (unpaid) All employees EA 54 TAFE EA 46 Additional Posted Leave 5 days a year if the service time includes at least 10 Sundays 1/2 days per Sunday worked for less than 10 in total retired Sundays from the service state 7 days posted EA 43.9 Work conflict training Leave 5 days per year TAFE Teachers only TAFE EA 47 Attendance Mandatory Attendance Period All employees EA 56.A. 1 TAFE EA 36 Defence Reservists leave 2 weeks (paid) – 4 extra days if certified by CO Are all temporary and current employees, military leave covered by EA 56.2 Up to 2 weeks per year without pay – 4 extra days if by CO TAFE teachers TAFE EA 38 Elite Sports Holidays (1) Duration of competition – Reasonable travel time (up to 20 days per year) : paid participants or accredited officials at the Olympic or Commonwealth Games – STAFF of EA 56.4


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