I met the Number One Independent Artist in the World, Tech N9ne!

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I met Tech N9ne today, the Number One Independent Artist in the World! I’ve been following him for over a decade now and his flow is definitely one of the top from any artist i’ve heard.

Our convo from the video pretty much went like this:

I said Salams bro (Peace be on you) to him, he returned my greeting and said Ma’Salam*.  Then I mentioned a verse from a song called ‘Be Right Back” where he says “I got Riders In Fresno”…I told him “He’s got riders in Fresno”…and he grinned and said, “I knew someone today was gonna mention that.”

Then I asked him, “How’d you do it man? become number one like that? Hustlin’?” And he laughed as he himself did not know how it all happened, he just simply said “Haha, I don’t know, i’m still going man.”


*Although tech doesn’t normally greet people saying Salams, he does have origins that tie his roots back to Islam.  


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