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There comes a time in life when…

Jul 25, 2011 Comments by

There comes a time in life when the closest ones around you are the farthest when you need them -Idrees

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‘Vicious’ Video Trailer

Jul 24, 2011 Comments by

Sneak Peek for the upcoming Video Vicious scheduled to release September 2011.

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The Fresh Prince Created…

Jul 11, 2011 Comments by

jadeham13: The Cat Daddy: The Shuffle: The Single Ladies Dance: The Stanky Leg: The Cyclone: The Dougie:

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Just woke up from a crazy dream

Jul 09, 2011 Comments by

World War III had started…transformers were helping…the golden gate bridge was in japan..i was skateboarding on it to help the autobots…decepticons attacked from the back/blindside…there were also ninjas…and dead bodies..i dont remember the rest.

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Transformers 3 Early Premier Viewing – My Thoughts

Jun 28, 2011 Comments by

I’m a huge Transformers fan…saw the first two before they came out and now I just saw the third before it hits theaters later this week. I loved the movie and it was very exciting, but a few things upset me. Not enough Megatron being one and replacing Megan Fox with some random girl would […]

Blog Read more Grew up listening to Pac…matter of fact, the first

Jun 16, 2011 Comments by

Grew up listening to Pac…matter of fact, the first rap I probably heard was from either 2Pac or Bone Thugs N’ Harmony…That’s all that the bros used to bump back in the day…I recall some fragments of these memories in elementary? Reflecting becomes frustrating when you can’t remember time periods or some scenes from your […]

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Tech N9ne – Worldwide Choppers

May 24, 2011 Comments by

Tech N9ne – Worldwide Choppers Whether you’re a fan of Rap or not, you must respect this Rap style which I now refer to as “Chopper”. Very well put together from various artists across the world. Some of the fastest rappers on the globe compiled into one track by Tech N9ne in his latest collabos […]

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Bin Laden Is Dead

May 01, 2011 Comments by

If they wanted him dead years ago, they probably could have killed him, but chose not to for political purposes…Who knows if he was even in charge of anything (scapegoat) or had been already dead for a while…a bunch of conspiracy theories I tell you! So the war on terror should be over right? Now […]

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A new artist I stumbled upon:

Apr 26, 2011 Comments by

A new artist I stumbled upon: “k-os” Pronounced (chaos). He’s actually been in the game for a while and is well known in Canada. k-os is a conscious hip hop artist that raps about real life incidences and also produces the music for the majority of his own tracks! He is also a singer! Definitely […]

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Are You a Right-Brain or Left-Brain Thinker?

Mar 26, 2011 Comments by

Are You a Right-Brain or Left-Brain Thinker?

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