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Behavioral Observation in UK

May 29, 2012 Comments by

I noticed the behavior of a lot of people in England when I walked by them.  The majority of the people kept to themselves without making much eye contact to strangers, however, they were real helpful and responsive when I asked them for directions or when I introduced myself to them.  Since I’m from California, […]

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The NEW Launches!

Mar 17, 2012 Comments by

I’m excited to share my brand new website! is now fully integrated with your favorite social media networks (Facebook, twitter, etc) and allows comments per post on the actual site itself! It is now possible to share my posts directly to your facebook or twitter as well. You can also submit your own news […]

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Unbelievable, absolutely ridiculous.

Sep 23, 2011 Comments by

‘Irvine 11’ jury finds all 10 students guilty

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Faster than the speed of light?!

Sep 22, 2011 Comments by

Faster than the speed of light?! Interesting read, they found neutrinos moving faster than the speed of light…groundbreaking discovery.

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Scientists discover 12 new frog species

Sep 17, 2011 Comments by

Scientists discover 12 new frog species

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Scientists have found the biggest and oldest reservoir of water ever

Sep 15, 2011 Comments by
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Tech N9ne – Worldwide Choppers

May 24, 2011 Comments

Tech N9ne – Worldwide Choppers Whether you’re a fan of Rap or not, you must respect this Rap style which I now refer to as “Chopper”. Very well put together from various artists across the world. Some of the fastest rappers on the globe compiled into one track by Tech N9ne in his latest collabos […]

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Apple causes ‘religious’ reaction in brains of fans, say neuroscientists

May 18, 2011 Comments

Apple causes ‘religious’ reaction in brains of fans, say neuroscientists

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Bin Laden Is Dead

May 01, 2011 Comments

If they wanted him dead years ago, they probably could have killed him, but chose not to for political purposes…Who knows if he was even in charge of anything (scapegoat) or had been already dead for a while…a bunch of conspiracy theories I tell you! So the war on terror should be over right? Now […]

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A new artist I stumbled upon:

Apr 26, 2011 Comments

A new artist I stumbled upon: “k-os” Pronounced (chaos). He’s actually been in the game for a while and is well known in Canada. k-os is a conscious hip hop artist that raps about real life incidences and also produces the music for the majority of his own tracks! He is also a singer! Definitely […]

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