What Is Senior Loan Agreement

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A senior debt credit agreement consists of sensitive issues, such as interest charges, costs and allowances, which favour the priority lender over junior lenders. It is also common for a primary lender to be able to modify them without the consent of a junior lender. Therefore, a junior lender should negotiate a cap on the amount of priority debt and ensure that there is a clause preventing the priority lender from changing the terms of the priority loan. A junior lender should apply for exemption from a certain class of collateral that a priority lender has not included in its asset base. Once it has been agreed that there will be a personal guarantee from the borrower`s client or a guarantee to the junior lender, the junior lender should ensure that the agreed rights are properly reflected in the interbank agreement and do not stop. The interbank agreement plays a central role in the right to pledge. It is therefore essential that both lenders establish a solid foundation for their rights and priorities in the event of a borrower`s financial capacity failure and late payment. In the absence of such a document, each party can make its own decisions and be inconsistent. The whole trial can be unethical and uneconomic and can quickly turn into a legal disorder in court. Investors can also rest assured that the average default rate on priority bank loans is historically relatively modest at 3%. Since it is considered senior for all other claims on the borrower, this will be, in the event of bankruptcy, the first loan repaid before other creditors, preferred shareholders or common shareholders receive repayment. Priority bank loans are generally guaranteed by a pledge to the borrower`s assets.

A priority bank loan is a loan financing commitment to a business from a similar bank or financial institution, then repackaged and sold to investors. The reconditioned debt commitment consists of several loans. Priority bank loans have a permanent right to the borrower`s estate over all other obligations.


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