I need to get my first draft done of my debut album, so what’s stopping me?

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So why do I keep lagging? What’s stopping me from stepping into the room and getting my raps recorded? Do I put too many expectations on myself….or is there something else coming in between me and the microphone. I keep getting the feeling that this album is always long overdue, but in reality…I’m my own boss and I have my own rules. Everyone else is just an observer and can’t wait to see what becomes of my ‘product.’ Good or bad, the fact is that the majority of my doubters couldn’t come near to replicating the God given talent I was blessed with.

There has to be another type of mental or physical obstacle that is lurking…that’s preventing me to just get up and do it. When I have focus, I’m unstoppable…when numerous things are effecting me, I’m probable. Probable for an injured player in the NFL is that he’ll most likely play on, regardless of his injuries. I think that’s what will become of me and recording this first draft…probable.

The repetitiveness of recording and going over the same tracks is making me lose my edge in creativity…I feel stuck in a box until I complete this task at hand. Music has always been my outlook in ‘escaping’ my other challenging tasks and always gave me a sense of relief…so it’s a shame that it’s becoming more of an obstacle now than an escape. I think after this first draft, I’m gonna take a few days to just free write. Hopefully, that reduces the creativity cramping so I can start reviewing my first draft in order to build onto my final version.

After the first draft comes the final draft with my main man Jukebawks. We finally worked out times where we can just meet and get our stuff done together. It was a lot tougher and stressful setting dates during the busy spring semester with all our classes and tight schedules. I think since it’s summer now, it’s a lot easier for us to make time. If it wasn’t for him pushing me inside and out of the studio, I don’t think I would be as motivated to do everything. I learned that it’s always important to keep good company around you, because that is usually a reflection of your own soul and persona.


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