Grew up listening to Pac…matter of fact, the first

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Grew up listening to Pac…matter of fact, the first rap I probably heard was from either 2Pac or Bone Thugs N’ Harmony…That’s all that the bros used to bump back in the day…I recall some fragments of these memories in elementary? Reflecting becomes frustrating when you can’t remember time periods or some scenes from your childhood…but anyways..

This is still one of my fav 2pac songs…how can I forget how it made me feel the first time I heard it? R.I.P. Pac, you woulda been 40 today, still owning the whole rap game. I don’t think a lot of these rappers would have ever made it big if you were still alive. Although some of his songs came off hardcore/gangster…most of my favorites were the inspirational and positive tracks he brought to the table that transformed Rap globally.

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