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Related activity: any activity that (a) supports science or research (for example. B laboratory operation and management; Infrastructure (including information and communication infrastructure) (b) scientific or scientific information used as a source of information (e.g.B. obtaining or preparing scientific advice; evaluating the results of research or scientific knowledge; (c) rehab, communication or archiving scientific or research data or information. 33.03 The Commission agrees to provide each worker with a copy of the collective agreement and any changes to it. In order to meet the employer`s obligation under this clause, workers can access this agreement electronically. If electronic access to the contract is not available or is not practical, a printed copy of the agreement is made available to the worker upon request. For indeterminate seasonal and part-time workers, the MST is assessed in the same way as it is unreasonable under the terms of the collective agreement. As with public communications, researchers or scientists who disseminate or communicate information through scientific research or media are subject to the Access to Information Act, the public sector code of values and ethics as adopted on April 2, 2012, and must comply with the Department of Finance Of Canada`s Communications Management Directive if it is not inconsistent with relevant collective agreements. To this end, the DDAA must have publication authorisation procedures compatible with relevant collective agreements. Permission to publish is not unduly retained. 7.5.2. Notwithstanding Article 7.5.1, DDAA research or scientific communications that do not contain explicit comments or recommendations on federal legal, regulatory or political affairs, this does not require the consent of relevant leaders, superiors or other collaborators before being submitted for publication or to other relevant target groups.

The employer reimburses certain costs related to a worker`s contribution to a professional or scientific company related to a worker`s area of expertise, related to the conduct of his research in the workplace, and if the employer is satisfied that the costs incurred by the worker for expenses related to relevant scientific and professional activities, such as the registration of conferences , are supported by the employer. , publication or training costs are lower than would otherwise be generated by this membership. The technical committee will develop all the agreements and documents necessary to support the implementation of an EMF in the next round of collective bargaining. This work must be completed within one year of the signing. The Technical Committee makes interim recommendations to the steering committee at a series of regular meetings to consider the following issues: The provisions of collective agreements on severance pay complement the MST. Integrating these principles into the collective agreement would be a long way to protect and improve the ability of public scientists to do good science for the good of all Canadians. 5.1. This directive applies to DDAA staff members who design, conduct, communicate, manage, verify or operate DDAA, scientific or related research activities. 28.01 Subject to Section 1.3 of Annex “E” of the Statutes of the National Joint Council, Agreements of the National Joint Council of the Public Service on matters that may be included in a collective agreement and approved by the contracting parties after December 6, 1978 will be part of this collective agreement, subject to the Public Service Labour Relations Act (PSLRA) and any legislation of Parliament that has been or may be approved after December 6, 1978. , if applicable, in accordance with a law provided for in Section 113 (b) PSLRA.


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