At a StandStill…

Aug 24, 2010 Comments by

I have so many thoughts and ideas that I want to write about, but it seems as if they’re all paused due to the numerous projects I’m uptaking. Also, Ramadan became a factor (which is actually a good thing). It is now halfway through and this experience is yet again proven to be another self-elevation. Fasting, from not only food, but also fasting my own inner desires has definitely made me acquire a new set of skills and soulful thinking. My time is very limited during this month and my website is still needing to be revamped (from my previous web designer). I have to finish designing that by myself reallllll sooooooooon….. but until then, I hope to reap the remaining benefits of Ramadan. Gnite Idrees, and don’t think [too]’s bad for your brain :p

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