Album Finally Released Today!

Feb 26, 2011 Comments by

It’s about time! 5-6 years in the making…both on and off due to being a full time student and not finding enough time to sit down and just push through! But in that time span, I grew tremendously and expanded my range in vocal delivery and song writing. I’m very happy with the overall outcome of the album. My Fans all around that have purchased it or heard the tracks through my website really enjoy the details I put into it and this is only just the start! Everyone’s been showing a lot of encouragement and positivity so that is good to know that my hard work is enlightening the listeners. Vicious, Last One Breathing, and No Need part I have been put out initially for display. I hope to release a few more from the album so everyone can listen…The album should go up on iTunes and other online distributors in the near future. I’m excited to see what the future holds…not with just my music, but with my life as well. Good or bad…BRING IT ON~! My personal quote from this album is “The Blessing is in the Struggle”…So I gotta keep that in mind during times of hardship.

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