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“This isn’t me?? Who the hell is it then idrees?” Yea yea….i heard it all before. Common Critiques and all the suggestions you can think of. People love to put on a mask and throw their opinions at a product you put out. I noticed they also enjoy kicking you when you’re down…that’s part of life…Survival of the fittest I guess? Natural Selection, thanks a lot Biology degree… (but that’s a whole other topic).

Now with that being said, I used to be one of those teens on occasion; thinking about being untouchable in my abilities and putting up a front when i was at home… acting different with my friends, teachers…and another way with my parents. WELL, that’s pretty much why I wrote this song and where the idea came from… I was tired of acting like someone I wasn’t. Thank God I made the decision early in my life to rise above all the crap I faced internally and externally so I can just be myself from now on.

About the Song: The first verse was written in my teen stages as I tried to progress and fit into my manhood…Talking about in the opening line: “im trying to get rid of this little kid that i used to be, who used to chill not keeping it real inside of me.” Honestly, this is one of my deepest songs that I wrote. Verse#2 and #3 were written during my college years when i learned more about behavior and personalities (hence, my interest in choosing my psychology minor). Verse #2 is definitely one of my most favorite and personal written pieces that I have ever composed on my ‘Scratch The Surface’ album. The notable lines that stick with me in this verse are derived from how I’m affecting those around me by being somebody else:

“How I perceive becomes a disease that never leaves spreads among the cells of my liberty. From rise to dusk, I’m cancerous…indirectly affecting ones that I love.”

A lot of my listeners really relate to this song and have similar issues they face as well. To me as an artist, I love engaging my listeners. Even if you’re not feeling it, i’m glad you still took the time out just to hear it and get a better perspective of how I view life or how I felt about myself during a certain time period.

About the Video: This video is for me, Period. It is experimental, daring, and not afraid to take a chance. It shows a self-reflective quest on how I get to know myself even better both with the past and future Idrees. You can also feel a deep presence in this video about how I’m trying to act like someone but at the same time trying to be myself in certain scenes. Some shots… i’m grungy, some shots… i’m clean cut. So if one of them isn’t me, then which one is me then? Am I Both? Does it become okay to act in different ways pertaining to arising incidences? I’ll leave everyone’s thoughts and interpretations to themselves.

Credits: My bro Maz for doing a great job directing; His production company ‘New Edition Productions, Inc.’ alongside his team that worked with us to get the video filmed smoothly. Editor: Juan Martinez for the brilliant editing and special effects. Producer of the music: Jukebawks for throwing down a uniquely-extravagant produced beat that coincides with my emotional lyrics. Lo-Fi-Panda Recording Studios for the clean mixing job on the track. And i’d like to thank me…But I can’t, because This Isn’t me? : /

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