About Me

Idrees was born in Brooklyn, NY, raised in Fresno, CA into a big family, including a loving mother and a musically gifted father. He received his Bachelors Degree in Biology, minor in Psychology, and continues striving towards higher education. Through the basic musical teachings of his father, Ashraf Gill (who is also an accomplished poet, singer, and musician), Idrees became skilled in the art of musical analysis and learned to branch off into further musical genres. At the age of five, he learned how to play simple melodies on the family keyboard. He credits his musical background to his imaginative way of thinking and to his father, who allowed him to grow up with a deep presence of art in his surroundings. As the youngest child of seven children, Idrees was used to being labeled “the quiet kid, naive to his surroundings”…but little did anyone know, he was simply studying those around him and using his silent nature as a catalyst in becoming the person he wanted to be.

While in sixth grade, Idrees picked up an accelerated interest in the English language, particularly with poetry. He would find himself turning simple poetry into more complex pieces of art – hence, beginning the road to his rap career. In high school, he met a couple of friends that would later become responsible for his ability to use musical production programs and create instrumental melodies on his own. Juan D. (Jukebawks) and Victor G. (Gooseman) played a vital role in Idrees’ music, especially Jukebawks, who is still an extremely talented producer and musical inspiration to him.

In 2005, Idrees picked up the alias ill-faded and would spend the next two years learning the art of ‘Rap Battling’. Learning how to verbally strike an opponent through intricate rhyme sequences and metaphors became a strength he continued to polish. He also gained influence through various genres of music, from both the past and present. To date, Idrees has been rapping since 2001, producing since 2004, and recording since 2005. In 2009, Idrees met Omar Ali, a professional singer from the Middle East. Together, they forged a professional and musical friendship, performing at venues from the LA region to Fresno. Individually, Idrees has shared his lyrical talents in front of crowds from all across the West Coast to the United Kingdom. Performing in front of live crowds gave Idrees the chance to expand his knowledge of existence and reach out to those willing to give his music a listen.

In the Spring of 2009, Idrees’ life changed dramatically after being diagnosed with a rare health condition that nearly cost him his life. The path to recovery was slow and uncertain, but the realization of possible death caused him to reevaluate his position in life. From that point on, he dropped his alias ill-faded and decided to go by a first name basis. He was simply Idrees, a person with many dimensions. “Through the art of lyrics, I give my listeners something to relate to when it comes to real life issues they might be facing as well. If I can change the life of one listener for the better, then that is enough to satisfy me and inspire me to continue to develop as an artist.” On February 26th, 2011, Idrees released his debut album entitled “Scratch The Surface,” an album he had been slowly piecing together since 2005 that was based on his life experiences over that span. His thirst for learning and spreading knowledge has not ceased till this day, as he strengthens his God given lyrical and compositional skills.

An interview on Idrees done in 2011: